• Color and Texture.

    And it all comes together! Loving that high gloss ceiling.  Don’t be shy to use high glass paint on cabinets and mill work.

  • French Dining Room

    French Dining Room

    Some times I want my French Maiden-name back. I just love everything in this room!

  • Big Blue

    Big Blue

    Love this kitchen on how this designer used 2 separate tables.

Butterfly House wallpaper

My Heart Flutters for Wallpaper

Wallpaper is always a nice added detail to any room. I especially love this new Butter Fly House series from the #9 collection from Jim Thompson.   Think of it like adding that extra bling when you leave the house whether it be a scarf, hat, or a necklace. These big bold butterflies make the perfect […] Read more…

Bobby Flay Porterhouse

The Ultimate Porter House Steak

Every month I look forward to my Bon Appetit in the mailbox.  I can sit down and read the entire magazine page by page in one sitting.  (Not many magazines I can do that with!)  I am not a mammal eater but I will be happy to cook it for my family and friends.  I […] Read more…

Vivian Maier

Images That Tell a Story

It was the first time I visited the Minneapolis Photo Center this past March.  I never heard of this photo studio until I saw an article on Vivian Maier. http://www.mplsphotocenter.com    Vivian Maier was discovered in Chicago in 2007 when boxes of abandoned prints, negatives and undeveloped film were found in a storage locker. Born […] Read more…

foster the people

Music to My Ears

I love this new CD from the talented band Foster the People.  You know their first hit~ “Pumped Up Kicks” (… the one with the whistling).  I saw them a few times before they went big at small venues in Minneapolis; 1st Avenue and Fine Line Music Cafe.  (I love seeing bands at the smaller […] Read more…

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