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Maureen Lindquist

They say everyone is unique & special in their own way.  We all have our  unique ways of doing things.  From the very moment we wake up to start the day, to the moment we close our eyes for the night.  I am here to help you unleash your “indie” independent style.  You don’t have to be and do what everyone else is doing.

I decided to start a blog page to share my unique style.  I’ve worked in the interior & exterior side of construction for the last 18 years & I needed a change.

I have accumulated the experiences and put in my time where I needed to try something different that would leverage my creativity and self-awareness.  From design, cooking, gardening, entertaining and activities my objective is to live life to its fullest and take people with me on this wonderful ride. I’m not an english major and don’t aspire to make this blog about great writing.  I want to use the medium of the internet and social media to share my perspective on life and all the beauty in it.  Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by beauty?

“One day your life will flash before your eyes.  Make sure it’s worth watching”.

I speak from the heart and more importantly I speak through my content & lifestyle of fun first.  By participating in my blog, I hope you can discover new perspectives & try new things that you may never had seen or have heard of before. You just may incorporate something new into your daily lifestyle, your home, your office or you may even find out more about who you really are!!



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