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It was the first time I visited the Minneapolis Photo Center this past March.  I never heard of this photo studio until I saw an article on Vivian Maier.   

Vivian Maier was discovered in Chicago in 2007 when boxes of abandoned prints, negatives and undeveloped film were found in a storage locker. Born in New York, Maier spent much of her youth in France. Starting in the late 1940s, she shot an average of a roll of film a day. She moved to Chicago in the mid-1950s where she spent the next 40 years working as a nanny to support her passion for photography. Maier died at the age of 83 before her work was ever publicly recognized or exhibited.Vivian Maier If you get a chance I highly recommend visiting this exhibit.

 The Best Street Photographer You’ve Never Heard of “

Vivian Maiser

Best Street Pictures that captures the very moment

Vivian Maier

Best Street Pictures that captures the very moment.

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