My Heart Flutters for Wallpaper

Wallpaper is always a nice added detail to any room. I especially love this new Butter Fly House series from the #9 collection from Jim Thompson.   Think of it like adding that extra bling when you leave the house whether it be a scarf, hat, or a necklace.

These big bold butterflies make the perfect statement~ Ones Journey of Life”

Butterfly House wallpaper

Butterfly House wallpaper #9 collection Jim Thompson

Wallpaper is a big commitment so starting small is a great start.  Try just adding it to one wall as the focal point to make it an accent wall like in your bedroom.

Accent wall in a bedroom

Accent wall with in a bedroom


Another great place to showcase a wallpaper you love is on a backsplash. You can protect it with a custom cut plexiglass like they did in this application.

Wallpaper behind plexiglass

Wallpaper behind plexiglass

Beautiful Wrapping Paper at Paper Source

Beautiful Wrapping Paper at Paper Source

The possibilities are endless especially with great paper shops in your area like  You just don’t have to wrap presents in these beautiful papers!  Get creative and install sheets in a collage style by using the same wall paper glue.

This was the wallpaper in  the dressing room in prAna

This was the wallpaper in the dressing room in prAna

From using old pages from a book, sheets of music, or maps from your travels you can really add your style to any room in your home.

I’m fluttering what you come up with!

Accent Wall Wallpaper Map

Accent Wall Wallpaper Map

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