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What’s Old Can Be New Again!

Things found at flea markets, estate sales & garage sales that are refurbished are all the big rage. As seen in Lara Spencer’s new book ‘Flea Market Fabulous’ How to Design Gorgeous Rooms With Vintage Treasures. I always try to attend any flee market especially when the Junk Bonanza comes to town. The […] Read more…

The Langdon

Declutter and Do Some Good

The Langdon is a high-end consignment store in Mound Minnesota which just recently opened.  Donors are welcome to drop off their unwanted and gently used items such as newer furniture, household items, clothing, gifts and accessories.   What is unique and different about the Langdon is that “You” the donor of the item or item’s […] Read more…

Vivian Maier

Images That Tell a Story

It was the first time I visited the Minneapolis Photo Center this past March.  I never heard of this photo studio until I saw an article on Vivian Maier.    Vivian Maier was discovered in Chicago in 2007 when boxes of abandoned prints, negatives and undeveloped film were found in a storage locker. Born […] Read more…