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Stylish Cocktail Napkins

Holiday Hit List Under $50

Seasons Greetings! ‘Tis that time again where you have a large list and you need to make sure you don’t go out of your means with those perfect gifts. So look no further for I did all the shopping for you! These gifts I am sharing are trend setting and I am sure that person […] Read more…

Your White House

  I love an all white on white exterior house.  The home becomes a blank canvas and all the colors of nature surrounding the home can even strengthen the architecture. The color white gives the since of protection and encouragement.  White gives the sense of simplicity, peace, calmness, comfort and hope, which in return helps […] Read more…

Butterfly House wallpaper

My Heart Flutters for Wallpaper

Wallpaper is always a nice added detail to any room. I especially love this new Butter Fly House series from the #9 collection from Jim Thompson.   Think of it like adding that extra bling when you leave the house whether it be a scarf, hat, or a necklace. These big bold butterflies make the perfect […] Read more…

foster the people

Music to My Ears

I love this new CD from the talented band Foster the People.  You know their first hit~ “Pumped Up Kicks” (… the one with the whistling).  I saw them a few times before they went big at small venues in Minneapolis; 1st Avenue and Fine Line Music Cafe.  (I love seeing bands at the smaller […] Read more…