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A well organized living room that looks lived in.

New Years Resolution

Start this New Year with a clean slate! But do you have a clean slate? Did you know one of the fastest growing business is storage? Who doesn’t love the Container Store! Who doesn’t watch Hoarders to say to yourself “Oh I’m not like that”.  Or are you?   The number one reason why things […] Read more…

Holiday Lantern Balls

Christmas is over and you don’t know what to do with all those cards you received from friends and family.  You feel bad tossing away the card that has your gorgeous grandchild on it or that family picture from your best friend.   But if you save them they just sit in a drawer to […] Read more…

What’s Old Can Be New Again!

Things found at flea markets, estate sales & garage sales that are refurbished are all the big rage. As seen in Lara Spencer’s new book ‘Flea Market Fabulous’ How to Design Gorgeous Rooms With Vintage Treasures. I always try to attend any flee market especially when the Junk Bonanza comes to town. The […] Read more…

Butterfly House wallpaper

My Heart Flutters for Wallpaper

Wallpaper is always a nice added detail to any room. I especially love this new Butter Fly House series from the #9 collection from Jim Thompson.   Think of it like adding that extra bling when you leave the house whether it be a scarf, hat, or a necklace. These big bold butterflies make the perfect […] Read more…